[gdal-dev] read ESRIJSON with ogr2ogr

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Thu Sep 2 11:12:43 PDT 2021


I've queued in https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/pull/4418 a fix for that.

But there's a simple workaround. Just remove the ESRIJSON: prefix in the 
connection string. In that instance, the driver will be automatically 


Le 02/09/2021 à 19:30, Hugh Kelley a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'd like to load some data directly from an arcgis REST feature 
> service using ogr2ogr.
> The command that follows collects exactly 5000 features, which i 
> assume is the server limit mentioned in the ESRIJSON driver documentation
>  ogr2ogr "streets.shp" 
> ESRIJSON:"https://services1.arcgis.com/dLpFH5mwVvxSN4OE/arcgis/rest/services/Street_Centerlines/FeatureServer/0/query?where=objectid+%3D+objectid&outfields=*&f=json&orderByFields=OBJECTID+ASC 
> <https://services1.arcgis.com/dLpFH5mwVvxSN4OE/arcgis/rest/services/Street_Centerlines/FeatureServer/0/query?where=objectid+%3D+objectid&outfields=*&f=json&orderByFields=OBJECTID+ASC>" 
> Reading the documentation though, it sounds as though ogr2ogr should 
> be paging through the feature service to collect the full set of 
> features, which ogrinfo says number 10,954.  Setting resultOffeset 
> parameter to 5000 results in a new set of 5000 features. I have a lot 
> of feature services to pull data from though so I'd like to be able to 
> set ogr2ogr to page through the full feature set for each service 
> rather than calculating the offsets and running multiple queries each 
> time.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> As a note, in case it makes a difference, I'm using shp here for 
> simplicity but the actual destination will be a postgres db.
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