[gdal-dev] XY Tolerance = 0 when creating layer in region settings with comma decimal separator

Karen M kbmeinstein at rothwellgroup.com
Thu Sep 2 13:03:10 PDT 2021

Hi All,

I'm using the C# bindings in gdal version
release-1900-x64-gdal-2-4-3-mapserver-7-4-2.  When the operating system
region settings are set to regions that uses a comma as the decimal
separator and I use datasource.CreateLayer() to create a new file
geodatabase layer, the resulting feature class has XY Tolerance = 0 when I
use the layer in ArcGIS Pro.  When I use a region that uses decimal points,
the XY Tolerance is non-zero (which is correct).

I've tried using the option "XYTOLERANCE=0.000000008983153" in
CreateLayer(), but I still get XY Tolerance = 0.  This is causing some
editing problems in ArcGIS Pro, and I need the software to work with
various region settings, not just ones that use decimal points.  Anyone
have any suggestions how to fix this?


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