[gdal-dev] Maximum writable GDAL raster size (rows x columns and/or filesize in bytes)

Eric Patton eric.r.patton at protonmail.com
Mon Sep 13 06:58:45 PDT 2021


I'm using MB-System to write very large GMT netCDF 4-byte float format rasters, and I need to know what is the maximum raster size I can write (rows x columns and/or filesize in bytes).

I had a large gdalwarp process running that was killed, probably on the order of several tens of thousands of rows and columns, but I can't tell if it was my operating system (Linux Mint 20.2) or GDAL that kiiled it.

Does GDAL impose any limits, and if so, what are they? How can I calculate what my operating system filesize limit would be?


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