[gdal-dev] Bug in OGR library

Kopszak Marta - Partner Hurt Marta.Kopszak at orange.com
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Hi Even,
Thanks for your replay. More info about the problem:

Save error:
Export to vector file failed.
Error: Feature write errors:
Feature creation error (OGR error: negative FID are not supported)

The database has more than 2 bilons of records (record – I mean record in the database table). The error occurs when I export a single table witout the primary key to .xlsx.

I suppose that when the table doesn’t have the primary key it use tid – the tuple identifier, and the size of tid may exceed the size of a 32-bit integer. It cause the problem to export this table to .xlsx format by OGR library.

Marta Kopszak

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What is the bug exactly ?

"2 billion records" : by record, you mean cells, like a sheet with 2048 columns and 1048576 rows ? By quickly looking at the code I can't see an obvious limitation, but that doesn't mean anything. Closer investigation would be needed. Please file an issue at https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/issues/new with exact details how to reproduce (number of rows/features, and columns/fields in particular).

But even if the writer side would work, the OGR reader side would probably have issues as the whole spreadsheet will be loaded into RAM and for 2 billion cells, I would expect at least 32 or more GB of RAM to be needed. Perhaps spreadsheet software are able to cope with that in a smarter way.

Le 10/01/2022 à 11:27, Kopszak Marta - Partner Hurt a écrit :
Dear Sirs,
I ran into an error when exporting data through the OGR library to the .xlsx and .ods format. The bug occurs when there are more than 2 billion records in the database. I know the problem was solved for other formats, e.g. csv. Will the problem be solved also for other formats (e.g. xlsx, .ods)? If this is not the correct e-mail, please forward this e-mail to the appropriate person.

Kind regards,
Marta Kopszak

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