No need for an IRC meeting this week?

Jo Walsh jo at
Wed May 3 11:48:12 EDT 2006

dear geodata people,

Unless anyone has something they'd like to formally discuss in IRC
meeting, then I suggest we postpone tomorrow's scheduled geodata chat,
as there's nothing to move on at the moment. 

In terms of starting to set up a repository, there's a new 
System Administration Committee as of last week.
This is going along valiantly, and should be in a position to provide
system access / services for specific needs soon. I think the best
thing we can do about this is offer clear statements of needs; the
spec is scattered across wiki pages. The braindump page at needs much refactoring,
but is probably a good place to collate this. 

I'm sorry if this effort is not very galvanising to participation, but
it's probably necessary for further movement on collaborative
projects, for demo and packaging work, etc.

Now a new logo is in the offing, I'd like to think about the public
face of the site again. It strikes me that the best part of what this
group can do in the short/medium term is positive outreach and sharing 
Arnulf proposed a layout redesign for the wiki, which combined with
some graphics work, would make the OSGeo wiki a much more
formal-looking place to point people looking for advice... 



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