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Fri May 26 10:47:02 EDT 2006


Some time ago at a geodata meeting I promoted the concept of us utilizing
the site for providing bittorrent access to some of the
datasets we choose to distribute.  I took an action item to talk to Richard
Orchard from ERMapper who is the main force behind  I finally
did that, also raising our concern that the site seemed quite restrictive
in the set of formats it allows.

Richard Orchard wrote:
 > As far as the and file format, I will totally open this
 > up.  Or do anything possible to support its use in the geospatial
 > community.  If you can think of anything else that can be done to
 > precipitate's use by your group, please let me know.

This seems very positive, so hopefully there won't be any barrier to
our populating with some additional datasets.  You all might
also want to skim the site too see what they already have.  There is a
mechanism to write up descriptions for torrents which may include urls.
I imagine we would include an url pointing back to some osgeo web page
with the detailed metadata for the object.

Speaking of datasets, I'm interested in mosaicing the DEM datasets from
the Canadian government for all of Canada and offering these.  Hopefully
we can offer this via WMS, WCS, http and torrent.  I have the data on CD
but haven't done anything yet to actually process it into a more usable
form - it is currently many thousands of CDED (USGS ASCII DEM) files on
a DVD.

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