[OSGeodata] geotorrent.org data distribution

Richard Orchard richard.orchard at ermapper.com
Sun May 28 08:36:26 EDT 2006

Hi Markus,

If you can setup an account on geoTorrent.org, or send me details of an
existing account and / or accounts of other key people, I will authorise
upload access ASAP, so you can start sharing data.

I will remove the "data-type restrictions" sentence tomorrow.

We have some limited hosting capabilities to keep certain torrents
alive, so may be able to help you out in this regard as well.

I am really happy that geoTorrent.org can help with this :)

Best wishes,

Richard Orchard


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Frank, Richard,

this is great and will be a good help to distribute even more geodata!
Immediately the old TCP, ONC, JNC, GNC story [1] comes to my mind. And -
does anyone have a collection of the soviet union topo sheets? They
tends to disappear from the Stanford and other libraries.

Thanks for your efforts,



On 5/26/06, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:
> Folks,
> Some time ago at a geodata meeting I promoted the concept of us 
> utilizing the geotorrent.org site for providing bittorrent access to 
> some of the datasets we choose to distribute.  I took an action item 
> to talk to Richard Orchard from ERMapper who is the main force behind 
> geotorrent.org.  I finally did that, also raising our concern that the

> site seemed quite restrictive in the set of formats it allows.
> Richard Orchard wrote:
>  > As far as the geoTorrent.org and file format, I will totally open 
> this  > up.  Or do anything possible to support its use in the 
> geospatial  > community.  If you can think of anything else that can 
> be done to  > precipitate geoTorrent.org's use by your group, please
let me know.
> This seems very positive, so hopefully there won't be any barrier to 
> our populating geotorrent.org with some additional datasets.  You all 
> might also want to skim the site too see what they already have.  
> There is a mechanism to write up descriptions for torrents which may
include urls.
> I imagine we would include an url pointing back to some osgeo web page

> with the detailed metadata for the object.
> Speaking of datasets, I'm interested in mosaicing the DEM datasets 
> from the Canadian government for all of Canada and offering these.  
> Hopefully we can offer this via WMS, WCS, http and torrent.  I have 
> the data on CD but haven't done anything yet to actually process it 
> into a more usable form - it is currently many thousands of CDED (USGS

> ASCII DEM) files on a DVD.
> Best regards,
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