[Geomoose-users] GeoMoose 3.6.0 Released!

Dan Little theduckylittle at gmail.com
Thu May 28 06:45:02 PDT 2020

Very pleased to announce the latest release of GeoMoose!

Nearly three months in the making this release contains a number of great
additions. The highlights include:

- i18n Support! And now shipping with an English and Spanish Dictionary! (
- Drawing and Markup layer now supports labels!
- A number of new search options to simplify search for users (
- OpenLayers and React are fully updated!
- A number of internal bug fixes were found along the way and have been
- A new plugin architecture for advanced integration:

Read the full release notes: https://www.geomoose.org/releases/3.6.0.html

This should be a seamless upgrade from any 3.X GeoMoose application. There
are some CSS updates that may require some tweaks to interface

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