[GeoNode-devel] Non ISO Metadata Topic Categories and Geonode Behavior

Eduardo Castanho eduardo.castanho at ipma.pt
Wed Dec 30 07:36:59 PST 2015

Hi! Patrick

In last day of the code sprint in Turin,  we talked about  the lack of 
fields in Geonode metatada, comparing with ISO 19115 profile.
One of those fields was Topic Category, that isn't fully supported by 
Geonode, because it only accepts one, more specifically  the first  
topic category  value on the metadata file.

Your  suggestion seems fine to me, but it implies that if you start with 
the flag on False and then change it  to True, the data that you have in 
Geonode will be inconsistent, for example, the TopicCategory Model/Table 
will have non ISO entries.
Some sort of solution to minimize this can be implemented, but in my 
opinion it only will bring an overload to the Geonode and this can be 
easily managed by "hand".

May be the name for the FLAG  can be more explicit like 


Eduardo Castanho

Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera
Lisboa Portugal

On 29-12-2015 22:30, Patrick Dufour wrote:
> Good afternoon, Eduardo.
> Could you briefly recap the relevant discussion during the sprint?  I
> missed that conversation.
> That is the expected behavior.  We wanted to be sure that if you
> imported data from a source that isn't following that ISO standard
> closely that the import will work rather than throwing an error.
> GeoNode will match an existing category if possible and will create a
> new category if needed.
> I think my preference is to maintain that existing "default" behavior.
> However, I think a flag in settings like "CATEGORIES_STRICT=False"
> would work.  If CATEGORIES_STRICT is true, then if a category doesn't
> match on upload/import an error is thrown.  If CATEGORIES_STRICT is
> false, then the existing behavior goes.
> Regards,
> Patrick
> On 12/29/15, Eduardo Castanho <eduardo.castanho at ipma.pt> wrote:
>> Hi!! to all
>> I'm trying to implement multiple Topic Categories in Geonode, so that
>> the metadata is more according to ISO 19115, as was discussed in this
>> year code sprint.
>> But I have a doubt about  the correct  behavior in the upload of
>> metadata that contains Topic Categories that doesn't  belong to ISO
>> CodeList.
>> Currently, Geonode creates a new  category  :
>>                       elif key == 'topic_category':
>>                                   value, created =
>>                  TopicCategory.objects*.get_or_create*(
>>                                       identifier=value.lower(),
>>                                       defaults={'description': '',
>>                  'gn_description': value})
>>                                   key = 'category'
>>                                   defaults[key] = value
>> @ geonode/geonode/layers/utils.py (line 442)/****/
>> Is this the expected behavior?
>> If we have multiple categories imported from metatada files,  the number
>> of new categories will raise a lot (including spelling errors), can this
>> be bad ?
>> with best regards,
>> Eduardo Castanho
>> Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera
>> Lisboa Portugal

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