[GeoNode-devel] geoserver-geonode-ext - geonode_authorize_layer.sql modification

Daniel Berry dberry at boundlessgeo.com
Mon Jul 13 11:13:13 PDT 2015

I would like to propose the pull request be added to the
geoserver-geonode-ext master.


The geonode_authorize_layer.sql does not work correctly for group

When creating a new group an entry is added to the "auth_group" table
with the first row automatically created for the anonymous group

id [PK] serial, name character varying(80)

The geonode_authorize_layer function creates the group_ids (integer[])
by querying the "groups_groupmember"."group_id" column.

The issue is that the group_id column does not account for the
anonymous group. So when GeoServer is running the prepared statement.
The result is actually "groups_groupmember"."group_id" -1. A quick fix
is just to add 1 to each value in the "group_ids", since the anonymous
group will always be the first entry.

I replaced the following in geonode_authorize_layer.sql

SELECT INTO group_ids array_agg("groups_groupmember"."group_id" + 1)
  FROM "groups_groupmember"
  WHERE "groups_groupmember"."user_id" = "user".id;

with the following:

SELECT INTO group_ids array_agg("groups_groupmember"."group_id" + 1)
  FROM "groups_groupmember"
  WHERE "groups_groupmember"."user_id" = "user".id;

*Daniel Berry*
Professional Services Engineer | Boundless
dberry at boundlessgeo.com
512-468-3946 (cell)
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