[GeoNode-devel] geoserver-geonode-ext dynamic URL

Matt Hanson matt.a.hanson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 21:39:26 PDT 2015

I've made a PR to geoserver-geonode-ext to implement a method of
dynamically getting the GeoNode authentication URL:

I'd like to propose including this into the 2.4 release.

Currently, baseUrl is set in
gsdata/security/auth/geonodeAuthProvider/config.xml and GeoServer uses this
URL to authenticate to GeoNode.   This PR instead uses the same URL that is
in the request.   As long the web server running GeoNode has a properly
configured reverse proxy to GeoServer configured, then this URL is the same
as the requesting URL.

The main goal of this PR is to allow a single GeoServer to serve multiple
GeoNode sites.    It also has the side effect of making the baseUrl
variable in config.xml unnecessary, so there is no need to set it anymore
for production.

However, for backwards comparability as well as supporting development, the
baseUrl variable is still used.   If it is blank (<baseUrl></baseUrl>),
then the requesting URL is used.  Otherwise baseUrl is used.  This allows
one to override it for development where the the URL:port will not
necessarily be the same, and doesn't break any existing installations.

- matt
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