[GeoNode-devel] Using GeoServer "Layer Group" within GeoNode?

Bruce Crevensten becrevensten at alaska.edu
Fri Apr 29 17:09:25 PDT 2016

Is it possible to configure a layer in GeoNode that uses a "Layer Group"
that is created within GeoServer?  I'm trying to do something like this:

1. Upload various layers in GeoNode,
2. Compose a Layer Group in GeoServer from these layers, using the
GeoServer web interface,
3. Create a new layer, or do something to make a new layer in GeoNode
display that Layer Group.

Step 3 is where I'm unclear what to do.  I tried a few variations of using
the Django admin interface to directly edit a Layer (and a MapLayer) to
attempt to point at the layer group, but wasn't successful.

Also, I saw that the documentation does discuss creating a layer group:


....but that tutorial continues to discuss uDig, not GeoNode.

Is this functionality supported?  If not, would this be something of
interest to others?


*Bruce Crevensten*

*Senior Software Engineer*
(SNAP) Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning
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