[GeoNode-devel] Thumbnail update fails

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Mon Aug 29 03:23:22 PDT 2016

Hi list,

I am experiencing a weird problem with geonode and geoserver rest API.
Here is the story. I have a bunch of layers in Geoserver, and I can
updatelayers from Geonode without any problem, having the thumbnails
correctly created in uploaded/thumbs directory, and correctly set to
www-data ownership afterwards to avoid any problem when updating from
the web interface.

Then, if I use the "Define Thumbnail" button from the Layer Edit Window,
an empty image is created over the previously created thumbnail. I dig a
bit into the code trying to locate the issue. It seems it comes from
geoserver api which replies to the request emitted in
geoserver/helpers.py on line 1687 with :

Thumbnail created : {'date': 'Mon, 29 Aug 2016 10:19:56 GMT', 'status':
'405', 'content-length': '0'
, 'allow': 'GET', 'server': 'Noelios-Restlet-Engine/1.0..8'}

which means that the Method Not allowed error wasn't caught back
correctly by geonode who continued the process and wrote the empty
content to a new file.

I just don't understand why I received this 405 HTTP error in this
situation, that I have seen working well on other Geonode Instances.

I've made the installation following the custom installation guide last
week, so I guess with some fresh github code.

Any clue ?

Best regards


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