[GeoNode-devel] getting started #2

jonas ellehauge jonas at ellevator.net
Tue Jun 7 02:53:22 PDT 2016

Hi again,

After I got geonode up and running on a VirtualBox guest Ubuntu 14.04 
server 64 bit, I still got various error messages and pages / images / 
map content that wouldn't show. I figured it might be related to geonode 
getting confused by the port forwarding on VB (eg forwarded http 
requests from 2280 on host machine to 80 on guest).

It took a while to figure out how to set up VB with a local static IP 
address, and set the goenode-updateip to the correct IP. Now it mostly 
works fine except for the attached 403 error on http://<host>/maps/new - 
something about a proxy not being in the PROXY_ALLOWED_HOSTS setting.

What is the way to resolve this on a production server?

On this test server, I just set debug to True and restarted apache2 and 
the error is gone.

I find it surprising that some requests from the client are sent 
directly to the host IP instead of its domain name. E.g. some requests 
are sent in my case as:
instead of

Why is that?


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