[GeoNode-devel] testing importing GeoNode metadata into QGIS

Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
Wed Jun 29 11:01:51 PDT 2016

Hi Tom

> Could someone help with this issue?

> I am testing downloading a shapefile from GeoNode and the metadata then
opening the dataset in QGIS.

> This is the layer I am testing:http://geonode.state.gov/layers/geonode%3ASyria_RefugeeSites_2016Jan21_HIU_DoS0

>   - I downloaded the data as a shapefile.
>   - I then downloaded the metadata and saved it as an xml file with the same basename as the shapefile.

> here is the directory with all of my files:

> [image: pic-of-dir]
> <https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/2665840/16394012/2cd1102e-3c81-11e6-8cb8-2f1f91fccfcc.PNG>

> I then opened this shapefile in QGIS 2.14.3, with no plug-ins. I do not see
> the metadata I am hoping to see. If I right-click on the layer and go to
> properties it opens the layer properties window. Then if I click on the
> Metadata tab, the properties only show General properties. All of the field
> in the Description section are blank. Is there a way to populate these
> fields? Are the metadata fields supposed to automatically show up? Or is there a way you need to import the xls manually by selecting the xls file?

This is not currently possible in QGIS. Good metadata support is
currently absent in QGIS core. The metadata fields you see in QGIS are
intended mainly for publishing layer metadata via QGIS Server, but
there is no logic in place to ingest and populate these fields when
adding a new dataset with an accompanying ISO metadata file.

We (Kartoza) have some plans to work on this (with support from
WB/GFDRR) in the near future, but these are still in the formative
stages and not confirmed / fleshed out yet.



> Thanks,

>Tom G

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