[GeoNode-devel] New 2.6.x PyPi Versions

Jeremiah Cooper jcooper at jeremiahcooper.com
Thu Aug 31 14:44:49 PDT 2017

Hey all,

What's the process for a new version to be released on PyPi?  There's a fix
that was put in a few days ago,
https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode/pull/3241/files, that we need at
MapStory but it hasn't been released in an official version yet.

We can work around it by specifying our version of shapely in our own
requirements, and in the django-osgeo-importer requirements as well if need
be, but just curious what the process is for PyPi releases.  How often do
they go out?  Who usually does them?  Is the process documented?  Or should
we be pinning to a specific commit on Github rather than PyPi releases?


Jeremiah Cooper
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