[GeoNode-devel] Saving Thumbnails

Mila Frerichs mila.frerichs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 07:58:15 PST 2017

Hi everyone,

as many of you probably know are we working on an improved client for Geonode. 
I showed you a preview at the summit and I already added a PR to the main repo and a few of you already tried it out. 
We are closing in on fixing a lot of things. And one of the more important one is having nice preview images. 

Now the question:

Where should we add the code in Geonode to accept images? Right now there are at least two locations (layers/maps) that generate thumbnails. And they use geoserver to do so. We can generate them client side and could just sent an image to Geonode. Question is where should we accept it? 

We could extent the current two endpoints (/maps/#id/thumbnail) to accept images, create two new ones, or create a base url.py so that both can use it.

Any suggestions? 


Greetings from Berlin.


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