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Did you get my email below?


Looking forward to your kind response.





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Good Morning,


I am Alex Nordeen Editor at Guru99.  Our Goal is to provide Fun and Free
Education for ALL


I was doing some research on Python and I came across your page


I want to highlight that we recently create tutorials on Python that took
160+ hours to create with beautifully annotated screenshot, and is very


The tutorials are created by a Google veteran and I have personally edited
them. The course covers


*	Python Basics like Introduction, Environment setup and Install


*	It also introduces Main Function, Variables, Strings, Tuple,
Conditional Statements, OOP Concepts, and Loop.


*	We also touch on advanced topics like Regex Tutorial, OS Module,
Shell Script Commands, and XML Parser.


Do you feel it could be a good fit for your audience?  Might be worth a
mention :)


Here is the Link: Python Tutorial


I'd love to know what you think!



Alex Nordeen


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