[GeoNode-devel] GeoServer basic authentication not working anymore?

Paolo Corti pcorti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 07:52:17 PST 2017

Hi devs

I am testing the trunk version of GeoNode, and I need to run some
script on layers using basic authentication and owslib.
This was working well with the old GeoServer authentication system of
GeoNode (without GeoFence).

It should still working now as well, as I can see basic authentication
is the first authentication provider in the authentication providers
chain, followed by geofence and geonodeauthprovider.

Unfortunately basic authentication does not seem to work. I cannot
login in the GeoServer admin interface with my credentials, and if I
try to make requests using owslib and my credentials I get this error:

No AuthenticationProvider found for

Any idea here? Thanks in advance

Paolo Corti
Geospatial software developer
web: http://www.paolocorti.net
twitter: @capooti
skype: capooti

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