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That step is mentioned as an option on the geonode project page under the
Usage section. The purpose is to avoid setting up additional permissions on
the newly created directories.


"To avoid having to grant apache permissions (i.e. www-data user and group)
to your home dir where you likely setup the geonode-project; you may want to
instead copy the wsgi.py file next to geonode.wsgi and replace the file name
instead of the entire path."




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Why you are doing this step?


$ cp /path/to/my_geonode/my_geonode/wsgi.py /var/www/geonode/wsgi/wsgi.py


Where did you find it in the documentation?


Il giorno 16/ott/2017, alle ore 03:32, Tom Pyatt <tom.pyatt.nz at gmail.com
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I have attempted the instructions you referenced and they are not resulting
in a workable GeoNode. Perhaps the documentation has not been fully updated
to work with the GeoNode 2.6.3 version. There seem to be a few variations of
those docs and all have failed for me when attempting to use GeoNode 2.6.3. 


After a bit of trial and error I was successful using the more simplified
approach outlined on the geonode-project page (
https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project/ ).


My steps were this.


Install geonode 2.6.3 with:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geonode/stable

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install geonode


Create a new template based on the geonode example project.:

$ django-admin startproject my_geonode

$ sudo pip install -e my_geonode

(Ignored the local_settings.py usage as it is not required)

$ cp /path/to/my_geonode/my_geonode/wsgi.py /var/www/geonode/wsgi/wsgi.py

Edit the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/geonode as per instructions

$ sudo service apache2 restart

Edit the templates in my_geonode/templates

$ python manage.py collectstatic





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The workshop done at last foss4g probably can help you as it covers
customization extensively. The right place in the documentation is
tml?#customize-the-look-and-feel though.


Hope this helps




Il giorno 13/ott/2017, alle ore 06:26, Tom Pyatt <tom.pyatt.nz at gmail.com
<mailto:tom.pyatt.nz at gmail.com> > ha scritto:

I am new to this list so these questions may have been asked already.


I can install GeoNode 2.6.3 using the instructions given in the Developers
Workshop, although there are a few errors in the instructions. I then wish
to customize the look. The instructions in the workshop do not seem to work
and are very different to the instructions on the geonode-project page. It's
all a bit confusing. 


The workshop manual contains this "disable_local_repo.sh". This does not
exist and there seems to be no reference to it anywhere else.


But before I start posting all the errors I get I was hoping there might a
working process that I have not seen yet.





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