[GeoNode-devel] Issue on accessing geoserver Rest

Irwan Fathurrahman irwan at kartoza.com
Fri Sep 22 01:47:44 PDT 2017

Good morning devs,

I would like to ask about the problem we have.
Now we build geonode and geoserver in different container using docker.
We already able to login using geonode user in geoserver and setup
geonode-oauth on geserver too. The authentication is working nicely.
But the problem we have is the user from geonode is not able to access REST.
the returns is 403

although i already login as admin of geonode and able to update setting of
geonode in

but when we login as geoserver user admin/geoserver, we can access the REST.

any hint for us?

Thank you,

Best regards,

Irwan Fathurrahman


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