[GeoNode-devel] From GeoNode to Rancher... and back

G. Allegri giovanni.allegri at geo-solutions.it
Wed Aug 22 01:58:18 PDT 2018

Hello everyone,

since some months we (GeoSolutions) have spent an amount of time analysing,
developing and experimenting with GeoNode, Docker and Rancher (1.6). The
purpose, that we know also others from the community share, was to test
GeoNode within a "cloud oriented" context, supporting services
orchestration for the GeoNode stack, aimed to simplify deployment,
horizontal scaling, updating, etc.

Rancher seemed the right way to go, because it supports Docker and Docker
compose, has lots of batteries included and it provides a straightforward
management through its nice web console.
After some months with it Rancher 2 was about to be released. As you may
know it's deeply different from the 1.x. Although a (not complete) layer of
compatibility is provided, reality is that their "Cattle" orchestrator has
been substituted for Kubernetes, which has become an industry standard and,
probably, the most widespread solution for cloud services orchestration.

Kubernetes seems a bit oversized for our purposes and for the typical
deployment scenarios for GeoNode. It requires a significative investment of
resources to learn it, set it up and manage / mantain it. Rancher 2
simplifies some aspects, but it won't preserve you from knowing and
tweeking the underlying engine and services (networking, schedulers, etc.).
On the opposite side, simpler approaches often lead to tailored made
solutions, integrating different pieces together (for management,
networking, service discovery, config, scheduling, health checks, load
balancing, etc.). It can be easier at the beginning but it risks to become
a nightmare and even more expensive then investing on a solution like

Long story short, we would like to confront with those of you that share
similar goals, to know your opinions and experience on that.
It would be great if a shared approach could be found. Sharing to grow
everyone, together ;)

All the best,

Giovanni Allegri
GeoSolutions S.A.S.
Via di Montramito 3/A
55054  Massarosa
phone: +39 0584 962313 <+39%200584%20962313>
fax:     +39 0584 1660272 <+39%200584%20166%200272>



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