[GeoNode-devel] Thumbnail generation issue for layer in non EPSG:4326 projection

Peter Marlow Peter.Marlow at scisys.co.uk
Tue Jan 23 01:28:28 PST 2018


I've encountered an issue where I'm getting GeoNode to generate layer thumbnails as part of the updatelayers command. The problem I have is that when I configure the layer in GeoServer in order to get a valid thumbnail produced I then lose the ability to filter by extent for that layer in GeoNode. I believe this is because the layer in question is in a UK projection system and not EPSG:4326.

In order to get a valid thumbnail produced I have to set the following properties in GeoServer:

[cid:image003.png at 01D3942C.86941580]

However with these details set when I filter by extent in GeoNode using either the API or web interface the layer is no longer returned (example filter: http://<geonode_host>/layers/?limit=100&offset=0&extent=-6.899414062500001,48.07807894349862,4.658203125000001,56.145549500679074<http://%3cgeonode_host%3e/layers/?limit=100&offset=0&extent=-6.899414062500001,48.07807894349862,4.658203125000001,56.145549500679074>)

I think this is because the extent being provided via the filter is in EPSG:4326 (as this is what GeoNode supports) but the lat/lon Bounding Box in GeoServer is in EPSG:27700. If I change the Lat/Lon Bounding Box to be EPSG:4326 coordinates in GeoServer then I get a blank white image generated for the thumbnail and the extent filter starts working again.

I've tried all the combinations and SRS Handling, Native Bounding Box and Lat/Lon Bounding Box but I cannot get a valid thumbnail and the extent filter to work at the same time.

Is what I'm trying to do possible? Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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