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Toni Schönbuchner toni.schoenbuchner at csgis.de
Tue Jul 3 01:01:53 PDT 2018

Dear Allessio,

thanks for your reply.

> we should make it working with new release also.

It would be easy to create another base box for master.
In this case I would prepare a bootstraping file for vagrant which can be shared
by some git repository. 
Vagrant bootstrapping works similar to an ansible playbook. It´s just some bash file. 
Then we can easily choose which branch should be used for future releases.

> Any chance to port it on official repos?

Do you mean to change the documentaion that it matches with the video?
No problem -> I´m indeed just thinking about how this whole part of the documentation
could be optimized.

{{ I´m unsure about the term ‚production‘ and the shown installation on a ubuntu desktop. 
Who would ever run an instance in production on Ubuntu desktop with localhost?. 
Maybe a little explanation how to setup geonode on a Ubuntu server -> virtuall machine as the 
video shows would fulfill the purpose better.  
In this case the documentation should warn the user that it´s not all to just install geonode
in production but other steps must be taken. Hardening SSH, prepare Apache + Tomcat
for production, etc… Sure the docs cannot cover all of this }}




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> Great Job Toni,
> we should make it working with new release also.
> Any chance to port it on official repos?

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