[GeoNode-devel] Request to be PSC member

Jemal Mensur jemal.mensur at igad.int
Wed Jun 20 22:27:09 PDT 2018

*Jemal Dagnew Mensur *
*Database Expert, IGAD*

Currently I’m working as a Database Expert under the IDDRSI (IGAD Drought
Disaster Resilience Sustainability Initiative ) for one of regional
building block of Africa (Regional Economic Communities) called IGAD.  As
part of our mandate which has been given by IGAD member states, to
coordinate the drought resilience agenda in the horn of Africa (IGAD
Region), we believe knowledge management (spatial planning) plays a
critical role.

Due to this reason starting from 2015, we adopted the Geonode framework to
be one part of our Unified Knowledge Management System, which can support
spatial planning and coordination, Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Recently I lead and supervised on a various customization on Geonode
framework which we believe shall contribute to the Geonode Community in
a nutshell, to mention few,

   - Time series management: the ability to upload and visualize time
   series data sets
   - Remote service: The functionality to harvest remotes services from
   (REST, WMS and other)
   - Data Classification: Classification of data sets according to users
   need (could by SDG, Biodiversity, and AU 2063 Agenda, (this is fully
   - Integration of Map store: ongoing …

We are also keen to support the Geonode framework to become one of the
states of the art open sources Geoportal which can address worldwide
generic requirements and support institutions who are working to support

I would love to be part of the GeoNode PSC in order to make state of the
art open sources Framework.

With kind regards,

*Jemal Dagnew Mensur*
*Database Expert*IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience & Sustainability
Initiative (IDDRSI)
IGAD Secretariat

*M *+253 77 112724   *E* jemal.mensur at igad.int   *T* +253 21 354050/21

P. O. Box 2653, Djibouti City, Djibouti

*www.igad.int <http://www.igad.int/>*

*resilience.igad.int <http://resilience.igad.int>*

[image: logo]

*Peace, prosperity, and*

*  Regional Integration*

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