[GeoNode-devel] problem in extending harvester for SOS 2.0

mane moshref many_yammy at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 14:47:47 PDT 2018

Dear all,
I am new in multi-modular Maven projects and need to work on the geonetwork source code. I need to do this for my master study.I want to add one harvester for SOS 2.0 which uses not only Gecapabilities but also DescribeSensor. So, what I have done so far is, I manually imported a metadata for my SOS with getCapabilities operation and also used SensorML schema profile to include DescribSensor operation. Both worked fine.Now I want to develop a kind of harvester which take the GetCapabilities and populate the metadata for SOS and SensorML.To do so, I thought I should work on the source code directly. I wanted to import the downloaded Geonetwork-Core using Spring Tool Suite - Eclipse (i worked with this for another project and it was very convenient).I followed the Geonwtrok developer manual however, the description is quite abstract for how to import it into eclipse. I am able to run "mvn clean install -DskipTests" in command line and it works. However when i import it (after and before running the mvn install) I always receive plenty of errors. My steps are:-import an existing maven project-select all proejcts-import them
I have couple of questions:1) should I select all projects or only the main pom.xml in the main directory? (i believe it should be all)2) I believe that after downloading Geonetwork from Github I should be able to directly import it into eclipse and then install it withing eclipse. Am I right? If not does it mean that it is better that I install it first through command line and then import it to the eclipse? [btw for both I receive lots of errors but different types.]3) What is the best way to work with the source code?
I know these questions may seem stupid, but please be patient with me and please advice me.Your help will be very much appreciated.Mani
p.s. I haven't put anything regarding errors as I feel my general approach is wrong. Just to give an idea, in web project, in the pom.xml I have this error:web.xml is missing and <failOnMissingWebXML> is set to true. Or in web-app/target/webapp/WEB-INF/config.spring.geonetwrok.xml there are no such resource to be imported:  <import resource="config-security/config-security.xml"/>  <import resource="config-summary.xml"/>...I mean in this folder there is no sub-folder with name "config-security"
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