[GeoNode-devel] Docker Strategy Chat

Toni Schönbuchner toni.schoenbuchner at csgis.de
Thu Sep 6 05:23:43 PDT 2018

Hi Olivier,

thanks for sharing your plans. Your ideas read well thought out.
What do you have in mind with:

> We'd need to find a good name for it - suggestions welcome.

A codename like  'GeoNode Pacific' ;)

Or a branch name to just distinguish from master branch?
If so why not just stay close to yours ~ master-spc, or master-le (let´s encrypt).
docker-next or docker+?




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> Hi all !
> Some time has passed since we last discussed deployment with Docker. I'm
> still willing to work on officially supporting docker deployment for
> Geonode.
> To move forward on the docker deployment, I suggest a two phase strategy.
> 1/ copy over the SPCgeonode repo to the geonode organization (more or less
> as is) and document that deployment method as an official one l (but in
> beta state). We'd need to find a good name for it - suggestions welcome.
> 2/ work on making the SPCgeonode setup and the setup in the main repo
> converge, with the end goal of removing the docker deployment repo
> altogether and have everything in the main repo, using the same
> docker-compose, with a docker-compose.deploy.yml that adds deployment
> specific elements (https, backups)
> 1/ could happen very soon (maybe even before next release), while 2/ would
> take more time, as it requires to go carefully through both implementations
> and take the best of both.
> I think this would accommodate both the goal of having a ready deployment
> method soon, and the final goal of having the deployment method use the
> same docker images than dev, without being disruptive for users currently
> relying on the docker images.
> The reason why I think we must do it in 2 steps is that IMO, while good for
> development, the current setup in the main repo still requires significant
> work until it's usable as a base for deployment (docker images are too
> heavy, split across many repos, images not properly versioned,
> non-production ready elements such as static files being served by django,
> no ci, etc.). That's not mentioning the additional steps needed for a
> deployment meeting basic good practice requirements (https, backups...).
> I would definitely be able to support the work on this as part of my
> current activities. I also believe it meets a high demand from the
> community (this is more or less my only serious contribution to Geonode, so
> that I take my election in PSC a clear sign of that demand).
> Francesco, would that 2 steps strategy be OK as you were keen to have the
> spcgeonode setup reuse as much as possible existing docker setups ?
> Let me know what you think. Let's discuss this, and if needed vote during
> next PSC (though if we reach consensus before that it's even better).
> Cheers,
> Olivier

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