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João Gaspar joao.f.r.gaspar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 12:06:23 PST 2019

first of all, let me congratulate the excellent job with this configuration.

I install the last version of SPCGeonode with docker in Kubuntu following
your guide.
Everything was install has expected but now I found some issues that I want
to clarify before to report as a bug.

Actual problems:
Adding a remote service from a QGIS Server connection, read the layers but
don't project the layer and after the harvest assumes a different URL.
So if I do
after the harvest the URL is changed to

I tested this in a previous version of geonode and works fine.

After trying a lot of times without success the adding remote service I
think to add wms service using Backoffice GeoServer. After try to add the
Layers from the QGIS Server connection I lose the ability to see the layers
with a java error  Then I try to delete the store but give me the same
error message when I try to see the layers. I test using geoserver/rest/
and I have the following error: Don't know how to handle resource

So the layer is in ESPG:32629

And the qgis server project is in EPSG:4326

I notice that the user projections don't have the ESPG:32629 in the file

This can be the problem?

My questions:

When do I want to do changes what is the correct action?

Sudo docker exec -it spc_container /bin/bash to enter in the container? If
yes, I tried but I have the permission denied.


I change the directory inside Scripts/SPCgeonode and do the build? If yes,
what is the right docker build command?

Thank you for your time.

P.S: I'm available to help in this SPCGeonode Docs and try to clarify some
possible steps or explain the purposes of each folder and docker commands.
For me is a good way to learn and have an official source to look.

Best regards,

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