[GeoNode-devel] Issue with GeoNode Layer Scale

MDG DEE kula009 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 16:49:09 PST 2019


I deployed a GeoNode 2.8 (installed via quick installer) on an AWS EC2
instance. And it is connected to a data store that is running on an AWS RDS
right now.

After adding layers, I noticed that the default scale is messed up, which
is zoomed at "1:1066"(the maximum scale GeoNode could handle? ). So I have
to manually fix the correct extent.

Once thing I could think of is setting the bounding box. However, when
publishing layers, I was sure that the bounding boxes were set correctly,
which were computed from the data.

How could I set the layer scale in accordance with the layer itself? Where
do I find the related settings?

Thank you very much!

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