[GeoNode-devel] customizing web pages for GeoNode 2.8

Michael Härtel haerta at haerta.de
Tue Mar 19 04:02:55 PDT 2019

Dear list,

my task is to move the customized pages (Basically only 2) of a GeoNode 
2.6 installation to a GeoNode 2.8 installation.

I have two files in /etc/geonode/templates/, one is named index.html, 
the other is base.html. Those two files are served as the start page of 
the GeoNode 2.6 installation. When I move these two files to the GeoNode 
2.8 installation they are simply ignored.

All web pages I find about customizing the look & Bfeel GeoNode somehow 
involves creating a new project and overwriting the defaults. But I 
don't see a project, just these two files. According to some old docs I 
found for GeoNode 1.2 it is good enough to simply copy the new files to 
that template directory (Which is also configured in local_settings.py) 
but apparantly it doesn't work.

Can anybody tell me, what I need to do to just use these two pages 
without having to create a new GeoNode project and run the "python 
manage.py collectstatic" command (Which I can't because there is no 
project folder where I can find the manage.py)?

Any help woold be appreciated.

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