[GeoNode-devel] Integration of other apps like Geonetwork

Florian Hoedt florian.hoedt at thuenen.de
Fri Nov 15 00:31:55 PST 2019

Hi Pieter, 
You would´t include the war in any container but using a seperate one. You can add the docker image from GeoNetwork to the docker-compose stack, for example. 


You should publish it on a different port than 8080 to the host machine, since geoserver allready uses that port. 

cheers, Florian 
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Betreff: [GeoNode-devel] Integration of other apps like Geonetwork 

I would like to know how i go about to add other WAR's like Geonetwork et all to the docker build of Geonode. In which container will I put the war? 

Is this at all possible? 


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