[GeoNode-devel] Re-introduction, pick up of GNIP-64

Travis Brundage travislbrundage at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 17:16:31 PDT 2019

Hello GeoNode community,

If you are active on Gitter you have probably already seen me poking in,
but I wanted to reintroduce myself and make others aware of what I’m doing.
As you may have seen, GNIP-64 has been picked up again. I am following
behind the work Coop had started for us. I am not at this time working on
the Angular update GNIP-61.

As for who I am, you may remember some commits from me a couple years back
when I was under Boundless. Now I am under Planet Federal and carrying out
the work in GNIP-64 for NGA as stated.

With this work I am already learning and getting my hands dirty with the
modern GeoNode codebase, and I hope to get a much better understanding of
the project as a whole with such a big undertaking, and be a useful
collaborator for this community. :)

I have seen that others plan on jumping in on GNIP-64 as well soon for
which I am excited and grateful. I'll be writing more detailed notes for
GNIP-64's status and what I foresee for completing this task in another

Looking forward to working with you all.

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