[GeoNode-devel] `updatelayers` doesn't work as expected

EFTAS Fabian Wilske fabian.wilske at eftas.com
Wed Sep 18 05:02:30 PDT 2019

Dear all,

I wanted to use `python manage.py updatelayers` to register a new layer 
I just added to GeoServer. And although `updatelayers` seems to work as 
expected and created the layer in GeoNode:

root at 1eefe99ee2d8:/usr/src/app# python manage.py updatelayers -w geonode

... Creating Default Resource Links for Layer 
... Creating Thumbnail for Layer [geonode:2018_namibia_dbh_csir_2019_09_09]
[created] Layer 2018_namibia_dbh_csir_2019_09_09 (11/11)

Finished processing 11 layers in 47.0 seconds.

1 Created layers
10 Updated layers
0 Failed layers
4.270000 seconds per layer
root at b71e0fd2fd4f:/usr/src/app#

...the layer doesn't appear in GeoNode, for no user.
I can even see the correctly created GeoFence data rules in GeoServer.

Any suggestions what went wrong here?

I'm using geonode/latest from Jul 26 after commit 


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