[GeoNode-devel] Drop support for IE in GeoNode 3

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Thu May 14 07:09:27 PDT 2020

Dear all,

the new release is behind the corner, and we're actively working on it.
One of the things that emerge how hard it is to guarantee the compatibility
for Internet Explorer (and similar old browsers).
We are adopring more and more Web APIs that are widely adopted by Chrome,
Firefox, Safari and Edge, but which require polyfill and other hacks to
guarantee retro-compatibility.

Several statistics show that the world market share for IE is around 6/7%.
We know that this decision might hit some niche users, but we also think
that the effort for its maintenance is beyond the real benefits and it
sacrifices resources that could be spent on other aspects.

If there's not objection we would like to announce the drop of official
support for IE when GeoNode 3 will be released.

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