[GeoNode-users] Regarding the RESOURCE_PUBLISHING options, how can staff users publish/unpublish

Tukang Sampah tkgsmph at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 23:43:12 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I have the following use case:

   1. RESOURCE_PUBLISHING is set to True
   2. Group1 has 2 users: groupadmin as manager, and groupmember as member
   3. User groupadmin has been assigned as a staff user by the superuser
   4. User groupmember uploads a layer, they make sure that Group1 is set
   in the "Who can view it" and "Who can manage it" permissions
   5. Because RESOURCE_PUBLISHING is True nobody can see the uploaded layer
   except groupmember
   6. User groupadmin's job is to review and publish groupmember's layer

It is mentioned in the doc (@
that a staff user can access the admin page and publish/unpublish
resources. However when user groupadmin accesses /admin/layers/layer/ they
are not permitted, and when they access groupmember's uploaded layer page
from the group activity a 404 error is returned.

My question: where can the groupadmin go to publish/unpublish groupmember's
layer? Is groupadmin missing a permission to the layers admin page? The
only way I can get groupmember's layer to be published is by the superuser
themself, which is not desired.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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