[GeoNode-users] upload, WMS and permission errors

Ariel Nunez ingenieroariel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 09:11:42 PDT 2015


I'll try to come up with possible explanations for the errors you are

1) This happens from time to time, especially with big files over slow
networks. A timeout occurs and then the web page stops listening for the
json return, even though it all went fine. The best way to deal with this
in the future is to switch to asyncronous upload/configuration and do some
sort of polling.

2) You got no error from the upload widget? Was there anything in the logs?
We improved this for 2.4 adding a place in the django admin where you can
go to look for failed uploads and keeps the geoserver log and the django
log. But it is not available in 2.0

3) Not sure what could be going on.

4) Also no idea

5) To me, the problem could be in the geoserver-geonode-ext plugin. That is
the plugin for geoserver that handles the authentication, and it could be
misbehaving. potentially due to lack of resources (too little ram). What is
your configuration?

Something sounds bad there, but my recommendation is to run 2.4 instead, we
are getting close to a release and I would advice against having to migrate
in a few months. The pros of using 2.4 over 2.0 outweigh the cons (IMHO).


On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 10:59 AM, Gavin Fleming <gavin at kartoza.com> wrote:

> :buildings_osm_maumere

That part should probably have been workspace:layer_name (or

The fact that there is no workspace indicates there could have been a
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