[GeoNode-users] Geotiff download exception

Maungu Oware oware at rcmrd.org
Sun Mar 15 23:55:05 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,
I get a wcs illegal bbox error when downloading a raster layer (geotiff 
I'm not sure of the origin of the error but it appears both on geonode 
version 2.0 and 2.4
The browser exception is
<ServiceExceptionReport version="1.2.0"><ServiceException 
code="InvalidParameterValue" locator="bbox">
      illegal bbox, minX: 28.430962127560893 is greater than maxX: 

While geoserver logs
2015-03-16 06:46:17,295 ERROR [geoserver.ows] - 
org.vfny.geoserver.wcs.WcsException: illegal bbox, minX: 29.128422388557837 
is greater than maxX: -1.9130582085816228
	at org.geoserver.wcs.kvp.BBoxKvpParser.parse(BBoxKvpParser.java:61)
	at org.geoserver.wcs.kvp.BBoxKvpParser.parse(BBoxKvpParser.java:24)
	at org.geoserver.ows.util.KvpUtils.parse(KvpUtils.java:420)
	at org.geoserver.ows.Dispatcher.parseKVP(Dispatcher.java:1393)
	at org.geoserver.ows.Dispatcher.init(Dispatcher.java:319)
	at org.geoserver.ows.Dispatcher.handleRequestInternal(Dispatcher.java:243)

Any pointers on what's causing the exception ?

Maungu Oware
GIS Systems Developer
RCMRD | rcmrd.org 
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