[GeoNode-users] Add Custom Metadata Fields

Jonáš Veselka jonas.veselka at gisat.cz
Wed Nov 4 09:04:40 PST 2015


we are preparing the GeoNode for a project, where we need metadata fields
to be INSPIRE compliant.
Specifically we need these fields:

   - Resource title
   - Resource abstract
   - Resource type
   - Resource locator
   - Spatial data service type
   - Keyword value
   - Originating controlled vocabulary
   - Geographic bounding box
   - Temporal extent
   - Date of creation
   - Specification
   - Degree
   - Conditions applying to access and use
   - Responsible party
   - Responsible party role
   - Metadata point of contact
   - Metadata date
   - Metadata language

Based on this documentation
we found that metadata:inspire['enabled'] is already set to true in our
Geonode, but fields are different to INSPIRE standard:
Is there any option to manage available metadata fields?


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