[GeoNode-users] Problems in corrupted folder of shapefiles

Davi Custodio davicustodio at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 11:28:33 PDT 2015

Hello guys, I found a possible bug in GeoNode 2.4b26. For some reason the
/export/geonode_uploaded/layers is corrupted and I lost all shape files
that were therein. I realized two things stopped working:
1 - By clicking the "Set" Thumbnail thumb was not made, or only the base
map (OSM) appeared in the created thumb.
2 - When trying to change a color in style, receiving the error window
"There was an error saving the style back to the server."

I found that to restore the shapefiles in the
/export/geonode_uploaded/layers both stop problems from happening.

I can not see a logical connection for this to happen, since the generation
of the thumbnail and style edition would not be directly linked to whether
or not the shapefile in particular folder.

Is there any explanation for this to happen? Or you can register as a new


Davi de O. Custódio
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