[GeoNode-users] Layer upload and enabling django-notification

Seno Adiwicaksono senoadiw at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 02:05:20 PDT 2015

Dear GeoNode users,

I'm trying to enable notifications on my GeoNode install however met with
the same lockfile error as pointed out by Hugo in this thread
I also tried setting the NOTIFICATION_LOCK_LOCATION variable as well as
chown the /var/www/geonode folder to www-data and create a notification
folder in it with 777 permissions which did not work in my case. I also
tried setting NOTIFICATION_QUEUE_ALL = True so the notifications are sent
later but the error just came up faster.

As for now I commented out notification in INSTALLED_APPS to allow layer
uploads to complete. Is anyone else having the same issue and are there any
other workarounds? I would greatly appreciate any input provided.


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