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Aquila Imaging aquilaimaging at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 11:55:08 PST 2016


I am hoping someone can assist me. Forgive the ignorance of my questions
below. This is not my area of expertise.

I am trying to increase the zoom levels in geoexplorer. From what I have
gathered I need to modify:

Per this:
I need to add the following to the "maps/map_geoexplorer.js" file.

this.mapPanel = Ext.ComponentMgr.create(Ext.applyIf({
        xtype: config.xtype || "gx_mappanel",
        map: Ext.applyIf({
            theme: mapConfig.theme || null,
            controls: mapConfig.controls || [
                new OpenLayers.Control.Navigation({
                    zoomWheelOptions: {interval: 250},
                    dragPanOptions: {enableKinetic: true}
                new OpenLayers.Control.PanPanel(),
                new OpenLayers.Control.ZoomPanel(),
                new OpenLayers.Control.Attribution()
            maxExtent: mapConfig.maxExtent &&
            restrictedExtent: mapConfig.restrictedExtent &&
            numZoomLevels: mapConfig.numZoomLevels || 26
        }, mapConfig),
        center: config.center && new
OpenLayers.LonLat(config.center[0], config.center[1]),
        resolutions: config.resolutions,
        forceInitialExtent: true,
        layers: [new OpenLayers.Layer(null, baseLayerConfig)],
        items: this.mapItems,
        plugins: this.mapPlugins,
        tbar: config.tbar || new Ext.Toolbar({
            hidden: true
    }, config));

Where do I add the following in the file? which line?

Also, do I need to make this change on a fork of geonode and then
install with this mod in place or can I just add

this to my existing installed instance of geonode?

Again I apologise for the ignorance of my questions. Thanks in advance
for any assistance.


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