[GeoNode-users] proxy error in geoexplorer when adding wms server

admire addloe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 04:49:26 PDT 2016


I have a set up a geonode docker instance and everything works except 
when I try to create a map I encounter an error.

error at /proxy/ [Errno 111] Connection refused Request Method: GET 
Request URL: 

I have changed the setting.py file so that I can access geoserver using 
an external port which I assigned when i was running the container by 
docker run -d -p 8111:8000 -p 8181:8080 geonode.

I modified these  items in the settings.py

'PUBLIC_LOCATION': 'http://localhost:8181/geoserver/',

catalogue section changed to  'URL': 'http://localhost:8111/catalogue/csw' ,

and  the pycsw section to provider_url': "http://localhost:8111/",

   From the error log it seems the request being made inside the docker 
container is now using an external port instead of internal. How can I 
sort this out

Any help or documentation links.


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