[GeoNode-users] Errors relating to remote services

Israel López asralf at gmail.com
Mon May 9 14:37:10 PDT 2016

Hello dear devs I would like to add to this question, because my problem
the same topic... when I want to add a "remote service" through CSW, I have
next issues:

1) The auto detect option for this service is not working.

2) After I've added the catalogue service and i want to add a layer through
the ccomposer,
I cannot see the layers, it sends a connection refused error.

3) I don't know how many layers the catalogue have when i add the service,
I doesn't
create local layers as the wms remote service.

How can I harvest the CSW catalog?

Thanks in advance.

2016-05-09 10:37 GMT-05:00 Cliff Patterson <cliffpatterson at gmail.com>:

> Greetings GeoNode users!
> Using GeoNode 2.4, I tried to add a remote service but once added, I am
> unable to use these layers in GeoExplorer without getting 502 and 505
> errors. Except for the changes below, I have made no changes to the
> configuration. This is a fresh installation on Ubuntu Server 14.04. Here's
> what I did:
> 1) Add remote service URL in GeoNode using auto-detect selection. To
> recreate, this is the URL I used:
> http://geo.weather.gc.ca/geomet/?lang=E&service=WMS&request=GetCapabilities
> More info about this service can be found here
> <https://ec.gc.ca/meteo-weather/default.asp?lang=En&n=C0D9B3D8-1>
> 2) Edit local_settings.py file and add PROXY_ALLOWED_HOSTS = ('
> geo.weather.gc.ca', )
> 3) Added the following line to mapfish config.yaml (I assume this is
> required)
>   - !dnsMatch
>     host: geo.weather.gc.ca
> 3) Increase timeout of Apache server to 600 seconds (I read that this may
> contribute to 502 errors)
> 4) Restart Apache server
> Result:
> When loading WMS layer in GeoExplorer the layers load perfectly with the
> legend. However, when the map first loads and when I try to basically do
> anything such as change the opacity or press print, I get this error.
> Proxy Error
> The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
> The proxy server could not handle the request POST /geomet/.
> Reason: Error reading from remote server
> When trying to save a map containing a WMS layer from a remote server
> (NOTE: map does not save, only a blank map saves with no layers nor
> basemap):
> 500 Internal Server Error
> Internal Server Error
> The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was
> unable to complete your request.
> Please contact the server administrator at webmaster at localhost to inform
> them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just
> before this error.
> More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
> Note that these errors do not occur when using local Geoserver layers.
> Thank!
> Cliff
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