[GeoNode-users] A problem about Geoserver connection_parameters

dugaoming 897998829 at qq.com
Wed Aug 2 00:49:46 PDT 2017

Thanks for your help ,i find the code about how to import the shapefile into postgis successfully. But now i met another problem.In geoserver/helper.py,

        {'validate connections': 'true',
         'max connections': '10',
         'min connections': '1',
         'fetch size': '1000',
         'host': db['HOST'],
         'port': db['PORT'] if isinstance(
             db['PORT'], basestring) else str(db['PORT']) or '5432',
         'database': db['NAME'],
         'user': db['USER'],
         'passwd': db['PASSWORD'],
         'dbtype': db_engine,
         'schema': 'myschema2',

This code is about configuration of connection parameters in geoserver.In order to import shapefile into a specific schema in postgis , i added a new parameter   --'schema' . It works .But when i  changed the 'myschema2' to 'myschema3'(this schema has been built in my datebase before), the file didn't be imported into 'myschema3'. The file still was imported into 'myschema2'
When i checked the website of geoserver, i found the parameter of schema unchanged too.  It seems that these parameters can't be changed by changing in code. BUT they can be changed when i change them in website.
Maybe i have made some mistakes. I hope you can give me some advice.
Thank you so much!
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