[GeoNode-users] Registering SOS in GeoNode?

mane moshref many_yammy at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 18 02:18:10 PDT 2017

Hello all,
I am quite new to Geonode and struggling to understand how it works.I am setting up a SDI for a research project. As the main component of SDI I need to set up a Catalogue Service for Web and for that I used Geonetwork which is quite easy to work and very user friendly even in setting it up. However, it is limited to geo-spatial data and I need a registry which can cover more than geo-spatial like csv, pdf, etc.
I came across Genode by searching through possible platforms which are conforming to CSW. As Geonode has the pycsw extension (which I still struggle to understand how it works) I thought it is a good choice for my purpose.But I have a main question which makes me a bit skeptical in choosing the GeoNode. I have several OGC services such as CityGML compliant WFS and also SOS (e.g. 52 north). my question is, is it possible to registry SOS and CityGML data into GeoNode?
If "Yes":
my second question is, for SOS, for example there is one station (represented as point) to which different SOS services (sensors) are linked. Is it possible to show the relation in discovery mode via Geonode? I mean that these two services entered with relation for example to one location, so when I search for one SOS and open it (on map for example) the information also shows that to this same location, another service is registered. Of course this service can be another SOS or even WFS, or another type of information such as PDF, etc.
Many thanks in advanceMani
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