[GeoNode-users] Insert link in getfeature info window

Serena Caldart ninu91 at yahoo.it
Mon Dec 11 06:59:37 PST 2017

Hi to everybody,I entered some links in attributes of a layer and I would like that they appear in the getfeature info window. I read a discussion about it (here is the discussion: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/geonode-users/_70X3r03Pt4) and I found an interesting information from a guy who said that: "For any layer in geonode you can add it to a new map; right click on it and choose layer properties. you can select HTML as the get feature format. Save the map so that change gets saved with it. For any string type attribute you can add basic HTML like href/image/iframe etc to have it displayed back through getfeature info window. Suggest using the href target blank format so it will open in a new tab.".I've tied to do this, but when I click on "layer properties" there isn't a section where I can select the get feature format.My version of GeoNode is 2.6.3, maybe this function is not available in this version? Can someone tell me how to do this in this version?
Thank you very much,Serena
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