[GeoNode-users] Adding TMS ase layer to GeoNode

Daniel Victoria daniel.victoria at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 08:37:47 PST 2017

Hi List,

I'm trying to add a new TMS baselayer to my GeoNode but I'm quite stuck. I
generated the TMS file structure using gdal2tiles command. I then placed
the files in the geonode apache webserver, using a different port (8000)
and added the following to geonode settings.py

    "source": {"ptype": "gxp_olsource"},
    "type": "OpenLayers.Layer",
    "args": ["No background"],
    "visibility": False,
    "fixed": True,
}, {
    "source": {"ptype": "gxp_osmsource"},
    "type": "OpenLayers.Layer.OSM",
    "name": "mapnik",
    "visibility": True,
    "fixed": True,
    "group": "background"
    "source": {"ptype": "gxp_tmssource",
    "name": "ms2014_tms",
    "url": "http://virt0026.cnptia.embrapa.br:8000/1.0.0/"},
    "visibility": True,
    "fixed": True,
    "group": "background"

However, when I try yo load the GeoNode map page (geoexplorer), I get an
Internal Server Error. I looked at apache error and access logs but I could
no find anything.

I know that my TMS is working because I can load the layer using the sample
html openlayers page that is created by gdal2tiles.py. There, it's done by
the lines:

        var tmsoverlay = new OpenLayers.Layer.TMS("RapidEye 2014", "
                      serviceVersion: '1.0.0',
                      layername: 'ms2014_tms',
                      alpha: true,
                      type: 'png',
                      isBaseLayer: false,
                      getURL: getURL

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Notice: both geonode and tms server are not accessible outside my local

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