[GeoNode-users] Change view rights for multiple layers without affecting other permissions

Simone Dalmasso simone.dalmasso at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 02:01:16 PST 2017

Hi Florian, sorry for the late response.

This is actually the expected behaviour because the permissions form
applies the permissions how they are described in it. The difference from
the single permissions form (like in layer detail) and the one in layer
list is that the first one is pre filled with the current permissions of
the object, so if you change only one the rest will remain unchanged. The
layer list form, on the other hand, is not pre filled because multiple
resources can have different permissions so in this case if you only change
one it will apply all the default permissions to all the selected objects.
You have to list all the permissions that you expect to be changed in bulk.

Hope to have been clear.

2017-02-08 15:20 GMT+01:00 Florian Detsch <
florian.detsch at staff.uni-marburg.de>:

> Dear list,
> using GeoNode version 2.5, is it possible to set view permissions for
> multiple layers at once (i.e., add them to cart and run 'Set permissions')
> without changing other rights for download, editing metadata, etc.? Right
> now, when I try to set view permissions to 'Anyone' for all layers under
> investigation by following the above approach, but leave the remaining
> permissions unchanged, all my layer-specific settings for metadata editing
> etc. are lost and replaced by the dataset owner's name.
> Best,
> Florian
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