[GeoNode-users] Multi-Tenancy on apt-get installation

Davide Sandona' sandona.davide at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 04:31:17 PST 2017

I've setup a Virtual Machine running Ubuntu 14.04, and I've installed
GeoNode using atp-get. I was looking to test a Multi-Tenancy setup.
I'm not able to locate the settings.py file, in order to add
"geonode.contrib.geosites" to INSTALLED_APPS.
Reading the docs, it should be located into /etc/geonode folder, instead in
that folder there is the local_settings.py file (there is no INSTALLED_APPS
variable in this file).
How these two files (settings.py and local_settings.py) are related? What
should I do?

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