[GeoNode-users] How to establish a relation between a layer and a document in the GeoNode database

Eloi eloi at openmailbox.org
Wed Mar 8 01:05:17 PST 2017

Good morning,

I would like to establish the relation between a layer and a document 
using the GeoNode database and not using the web interface.
I saw that the layers are listed in table 'base_resourcebase' and 
documents in 'documents_document'. So I wonder in which table the 
relation between the previous two is recorded. Then I would just run my 
SQL code to define does relations.

Why I want to do this? Because every time I run the command "python 
manage.py updatelayers" all established relations (between a layers and 
a documents) disappear.

Thank you in advance!



Eloi Ribeiro
51.9871, 5.6661

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